30 years of XT500

A look back at 2006

The KEDO anniversary exhibition in Hamburg

Even today, the XT500 is considered the mother of all enduro bikes.

It was the first really powerful off-road machine with a 500cc four-stroke single cylinder. It was built almost unchanged for 14 years. In Europe and the USA, it was a great sales success for many years. Hardly any other motorcycle has given rise to such a typical scene, inspired hobbyists and designers to create their own designs and shaped a new type of motorcycling as the XT.

We are dedicating an exhibition to the XT500 to mark its 30th anniversary. On the one hand, it aims to commemorate the various models and explain the technology of the XT, and on the other, to capture the myth and present the special features of this motorcycle and its scene.

The exhibition took place in our business premises, where approx. 150 square meters were available on two levels.

The exhibition covered the following topics:

  • Chronology of the XT500
  • Sister models and modifications
  • Rally and tours
  • Technology of the XT500


The opening ceremony on May 4 for the exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the XT500 at KEDO in Hamburg was a complete success. In bright sunshine, Daniel Doritz, host and Managing Director of KEDO GmbH, welcomed the invited guests, including Hubert Auriol from France, rally legend and multiple winner of the DAKAR rally.

Exhibition opens

The opening ceremony on May 4 of the exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the XT500 at KEDO in Hamburg was a complete success.

After a short speech, the 150 square meters of exhibition space were open for discovery. And there was a lot to discover! In addition to the complete model chronology of the XT500 from the start of sales in 1976 to the end of production in 1989, there are also original rally machines and legendary sports conversions such as the HL500 and Barigo XT. The motorcycles are all embedded in scenes, with each model year telling its own story. You should bring around two hours with you to experience everything.

The exhibition took around 1000 hours to create, many of them at the weekend or in their free time. Gero Dierks, a museum educator from Bremen and a passionate XT rider himself, helped with the realization. The exhibition is aimed at all motorcyclists and also appeals to non-XT owners.

Those arriving on XT500 only paid half price. Admission was free for children up to the age of 12.

On October 7, our exhibition "30 years of XT500" was officially closed. All the lenders and helpers had traveled here especially for the occasion. After a final joint tour, the exhibition was officially closed at around 4:30 p.m. and the return of the vehicles and exhibits began immediately afterwards.

The exhibition was a complete success, with over 400 enthusiastic visitors over the five months. Everyone was full of praise. Once again, a big thank you to the lenders who supported this project and made it possible!

We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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