Hazel Rodeo 2023


The Haselrodeo in Ibbenbüren is a small quarry rally for old enduro bikes.

"Look around, everyone here has a grin on their face."

KEDO is supporting this event for the second year because we share a passion for classic enduro bikes. The focus here is on riding together.
Female riders and beginners in particular are welcome to play in the dirt in a relaxed atmosphere.

In principle, we do nothing different than usual: ride our bikes, fire up the barbecue and talk nonsense while listening to good music and enjoying delicious drinks!

Stubblecross Friday

The extra fun day for an extended Hazel rodeo-pleasure.

Deep terrain makes for strenuous laps and relaxed conversations.

Thanks to the Flint Brothers there was a fantastic course on the field.

...and we thought 2021 would be the biggest mud fight of all time.

Rock Saturday

5 quarries with different characteristics await us.

Rocky trails and muddy slopes -
what a great day at Hazel rodeo!


When the adrenaline of the day meets the best music and fine beer.

Finest Keilhauer beer (brewed especially for the rally)

DJ Jean-Luc Cravallo and Neelz on Wheelz

She said "yes"

The hazel rodeo love story

Nadine and John met four years ago at the first hazel rodeo. 
Where else would John have proposed...

We are already looking forward to the Haselrodeo wedding celebration!


Once again, it was a fantastic weekend at the Bikerhof HaselrothEven the weather played along - after endless rain - and kept us relatively dry, at least from above.

Thanks to the great efforts of many helpers, we all had an unforgettable weekend full of dirty experiences.

KEDO was represented by 4 drivers this year (MarkLutz, Berger and Luke).
Unfortunately, Lukas was unable to take part due to injury, although he had prepared the stubble cross course with his brother.

Many thanks for all the fantastic photos:

Unfortunately we can only offer you a small selection here - so many great pictures full of fun and emotion, simply fantastic!

Martin Hass ►  hass.moto on Instagram

Pascal Kesselmark ►  frozeninmotion on Instagram

Jörg M. Krause ►  j.m.k.fotograf on Instagram

Yannick Wolff ►  Yannick on Instagram

and Markus@kedo

Many thanks for the great weekend:

Judith Haslelroth and Lutz Lindemann have organized their "Schnapsidee" for the fourth time. With their large band of wonderful helpers and supporters, they have once again put on a spectacular OFFROAD EVENT this year - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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