PME Racing ignition - In use at HOMBRESE Bikes

Mr. Hombrese Uwe Kostrewa has been building beautiful custom bikes for use on the track or winding country roads for over 10 years.

Here, sound racing technology and loving design are married together. Nothing is a coincidence - everything comes together to create fast, pure beauty.
We are fans.

A real praline from our racing department

The PME Racing ignition - Made in England - High End Quality

By using two ignition coils and the special CDI unit, higher engine speeds can be achieved. The ignition curve is mysterious and extremely effective.
This makes a lot of sense in specially converted engines and helps to give the engine an extra boost.
One such motor is competing for podium places here at HOMBRESE Bikes in Cologne under the secret boss Steffi.
Quite a few components come from the KEDO shelves - an SR500 is not only represented twice in the fleet.
Beautiful and fast - perfect proportions. A short tank from Yamaha's DT series is the basis here. If you want to drift fast, you should sit far forward. This is what flat track SRs ideally look like. Around 120 kilos and plenty of torque. Let's go.
The PME works with the original pole wheel of the 6Volt XT500.
If you have such a pole wheel, you can of course also take any SR500 in the SOS class or in the flat track oval under full steam.
We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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