SR500 Customizing - Björn from Hamburg

Björn from Altona shows us what is possible with an SR500, taking the good single to the race track and back on the road again.

A portrait of a special customer

Go fast - Turn left

Since its market launch in the mid-70s, our favorite single cylinder from SR, XT and TT500 has served as proven and affordable training and racing material on international flat track ovals.

In our video, Björn talks about his passion for motorsport and his intensive involvement with technology.

Starting number 44 - Nickname: BJ500

Dedicated to flat track sport for years, the technician has developed countless details and solutions for his motorcycles. Ideas for more speed in the dust.

While a great deal of KEDO know-how flows into the engines, the Flat Track-specific detail solutions come from Björn's pen.

The rear wheel simply has to rotate like hell. Here you are steering with slip and yet you want to be the first into the next bend.

19″ rear wheels with a disc brake system are in demand. Adapters on front wheel hubs ensure stable chainring and brake disk action in the swingarm.

Small tanks and benches that allow the rider to move far forward are a must. Björn modifies the frame accordingly and makes new mounting points.

Weight optimization is a big topic, so the first tanks came from the 3D printer and weighed only 1000 grams empty. Today, historical examples of the GT80 are used.

In the end, the target is 120 kg ready to ride. Not a bad figure when you consider the mighty 130/140 special tires required for this sport.

KEDO supplies the engine internals such as pistons, valves, rocker arms and camshafts.
Our workshop uses its experience and sharp fingers to ensure a smooth increase in performance.
We machine the assemblies for the do-it-yourselfer individually - cylinders, gearboxes and crankshafts.
Cylinder heads from our master craftsman Michi are first class and ensure free breathing.

Björn assembles his motors himself, KEDO supplies Special tools, Crankshaft, Gasket set

Also from our Race program: Suspension struts from YSS, a racing chain from RKwhich accounts for a not inconsiderable part of the increase in performance. Stable Box-Section Rear Swingarm, Fork stabilisers. Fork Springs, Fork Oils and Taper Steering Bearing Set. Carburetor from MIKUNI, Throttle grip, Throttle Cable Kit, RaceAir Filter from K&N.

Important and powerful: the PME racing ignition with a special curve and maximum power at eight thousand rpm. A well-built engine can push well over forty horsepower onto the bike.

Save an SR500 - give it a new life

Björn researches and screws, tests and optimizes.

The results from Björn's workshop have become an important source of knowledge and inspiration in the Flat Track family.

His "Street Tracker" project incorporates all his experience from racing. The effort involved was not insignificant. The registrations alone cost a month's rent.

Well invested - the result is convincing.

What is better than any SR on narrow country roads?

A light, agile, powerful SR.

Here we go!


Anyone who would like to know more about Björn's creations is welcome to write to us at

Parts for your racers:

Our video comes from kool-motion-pictures

Björn on Instagram: flattrack_racing_factory

We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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