Scheggerotter Classic Grand Prix

A village in racing fever

The circuit around Scheggerott offers almost two kilometers of pure Tourist Trophy feeling

Countless brands were represented, from Ariel to Zündapp. A wonderful range of old, rare and fast machines could be marveled at in Akion.

Rain was to be expected. We are in the true north here.

Always on the go when it comes to "classic motorcycles", some KEDOs went to see a great event at the beginning of June. Quite privately. Watched and participated. In their luggage a light SR500 and a rare Italian two-stroke rocket.

Country road race in Schleswig Holstein. The racing family around Dana Kall and Kenny Hinck did a great job with the organization. Race office, paddock, track safety - everything was perfect. Days and weeks were spent preparing and setting up the event. A night of heavy rain on Friday almost drowned the paddock, but everyone held their ground. And it was worth it. There was a lot on offer. The incomparable Egon Müller was the commentator on the sound system. Speedway world champion, engine specialist, singer and media star. A must-see.

The village road in Scheggerott was cordoned off and made into a safe circuit. Local hero Mario on a HONDA CB400N was not to be outdone. He knows every blade of grass on his street and led the field in his class on the trusty two-cylinder.

A big family reunion under the banner of racing

Many of the participants are normally on the racetracks and airfields of the republic. A road race in the true sense of the word is an exception and a welcome change. Where else can you find that? In Scheggerott! The good mood and anticipation were accordingly palpable.

The track on Friday - from the drivers' point of view. On Saturday and Sunday, the spectators were packed here.

The international starting field was warmly welcomed in Scheggerott. A small village with everything you need was created in the paddock. It was great to see and touch the machines that had been brought along. The paddock is open to spectators - there was really something to see.

Young against old. Lotta Kall on Yamaha XS400. Premiere easily mastered.

A really beautiful and nimble Suzuki GT in the Lightweight class with the 71 color can also go fast. We are quite sure of that.

When racing in the countryside, you should always wear good wellies. We also know this from festival visits. If the footwear is good, the weekend will also be a success.

Due Tempi d'Amore

A different kind of cool:

ASPES YUMA 125 Monoscocca

We SR500 people also like to think outside the box:

Here we see a very special rarity that you don't get to see in action every day. All those for whom the "Motorrad" catalog was their favourite bedtime reading in the seventies will remember it.

The Aspes Yuma 125 from Milan. Super rare in Germany and very distinctive with a monocoque, this model is elegantly chased around the circuit by our Lutz with an expert hand. A beautiful picture, which also caught the eye of the former and only German speedway world champion Egon Müller.

Egon comments repeatedly and enthusiastically on what is happening over the trackside PA system in Scheggerott. And rightly so!

Coiffed fifties hard on the limit

A real highlight of the two race days: the colorful squad of the shot glass class around Danger Merten and Andy Feldmann. A total of around thirty riders had registered. The audience was thrilled. Kreidler, Zündapp, Sachs, Herkules, Benelli, Minarelli. For many children of the sixties, riding a moped started with these brands. Even back then, they were already being heavily customized. What we were offered in Scheggerott was a real journey back in time. The spectators along the route were really captivated. Especially the older ones. In this class of ultra-lightweight home-built and factory racers à la Van Veen, the pistons are only the size of shot glasses. Logically, this is a nice and fitting class designation.

All we can say here is:

People, come and watch the Scheggerotter Classic Grand Prix in 2025 too. Come and watch or find out about classes and dates in good time on

Coming along is great, taking part is even better!

Thanks to the Scheggerotter, the Hinck family, all the helpers on the route, at the bar and on the tractor. Thanks also to the lovely Kleinschmidts, and of course to Egon Müller and all the riders.

We recommend the Scheggerotter Classic Grand Prix 2025!

We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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