Wheels and Waves Biarritz 2024

No meeting of the motorcycle scene in Europe has inspired so many other events - we take a closer look.

Biarritz and Wheels & Waves ....

...is definitely a recommendation from us. Of course, every year you hear that it used to be better, or that it has become too commercialized today. Of course, events have a special magic at the beginning. It's not for nothing that the Frenchman Exupéry aptly said: "There's magic in every beginning."

After our visits in recent years, our impression here is that this magic can still be experienced. Perhaps a little differently and perhaps without the pioneering spirit, but the scene has been enriched by a great event.

Martin Hass

For us, the photographer is Martin Hass went there on his Ténéré XTZ 750 on the road and brought back some pictures with wanderlust guaranteed...

Friday: Race of the Lords

Friday started with Race of the Lords - again at the old location. Here, the very old iron is at the start. Many pre-war models exude the charm of another century. Not only the bikes, but also the riders seem to have stepped straight out of a time machine.

We love this attention to detail.

Vintage Rally

The Vintage Rally is also on Friday - it's all about enduro and cross. Lots of participants will be at the start to plow their off-road machines through French soil. As Martin always says: "There's not much to say except: it's really cool!"

The track this year was much bigger than last year. More difficult to photograph, but also more to experience for the numerous spectators. Every year we are impressed by how much effort the organizers put into the tracks and the flair of the whole event.

Martin was also extremely pleased to see many familiar faces from previous years. Wheels&Waves is one of those events that have a high addictive potential.


The creative heart of Wheels&Waves definitely beats here!

You can visit the art exhibition, visit the skate park, enjoy delicious food and unwind. There is simply everything here that exudes a lot of passion in the world of wheels & waves.

Punks Peak

The classic of Wheels&Waves is Punk's Peak - how could it be otherwise, it's a race up a mountain. Whoever conquers it particularly quickly, or with particular style, is already a hero.

Moritz Bree was at the start for us with his wonderful new bike. Not only Instagram is celebrating this creative bike, but so are we. 

Carsten Estermann engraved the number plate and did a great job.

An accident this year reminded us how quickly you can get injured and, above all, how long recovery can take. Who wants to spend a summer in hospital instead of out on their bike?

...and thanks for all the Love.

Saturday was definitely a highlight. It was finally warm again and you could feel the flair of the south of France. When you enjoy the summer evening at this moment, perhaps with a delicious drink in your hand and meet nice people, then it's the pure Wheels & Waves feeling.

There was also the finest live music and lots of interesting shows in the Village.

We definitely recommend a visit to this great event for gasoline enthusiasts.

We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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