Wietstock Classic OFFRoad Festival 2023

In 2023, MC Steglitz organized its INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC OFF-ROAD FESTIVAL for the 25th time. The most beautiful Classic Cross event of all.

Always eagerly awaited every year: The legendary poster design.

September 2023
It was finally time again. Almost 100 solo drivers and a few teams took up the challenge in various classes.

The CLASSIC OFF-ROAD FESTIVAL is open to anyone who can find an air-cooled moto cross or off-road sports bike with two suspension struts and drum brakes.

We can't thank you enough for the great fun in the best weather - thanks to the team at the MC Steglitz - above all Jörg Solar & Ralf Himmelreicher.

The clip comes from Matzo - Thank you very much!

Machines from the golden era of off-road sport in action. What you are not allowed to touch in the museum bangs full throttle through the Brandenburg sand in Wietstock.

Pay the entry fee,
pass the technical inspection, put on your helmet and off you go. With the compulsory training. Falling is allowed - carefully.

Once again this year with an international starting field.

The organizing team around Jörg Solar writes:
"To give young people and the many young at heart a chance to get their mopeds to the starting line, we have introduced a moped class. Whether Ancillotti, Hercules, Honda, Kreidler, Simson, Yamaha, Zündapp, whether with two or four strokes - it doesn't matter. With 50 cc and air-cooled engines, drum brakes and with contemporary suspension elements, they can compete - in exceptional cases also with up to 80 cc, outside the classification."

As in the hobby and sidecar classes, the steep slope is also removed from the course for the mopeds.

KEDO had 3 riders at the start this year:
Mark, Luke and Berger. Unfortunately, Lukas' machine broke down.

Many thanks for all the fantastic photos:

Cäthe Pfläging ►  racaethe on Instagram

Michael Weber ►  Michael on Instagram

Steve Tollmann ►  Steve on Instagram

MK Fortography ►  Matze on Instagram

and Markus@kedo

We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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