XT500 inner fender repair kit

for XT500 and TT500

In most motorcycle designs, the inner mudguard is not the most conspicuous part of the whole. At the same time, it is immensely important, as constant dripping wears away the stone.

As the exhaust system on the XT and TT models from 1977 onwards is routed through the inner mudguard, a flexible rubber seal was necessary here, as the rear wheel constantly throws dirt and water to the rear.

This rubber splash guard is a wearing part due to its design. It is subjected to a great deal of stress from the heat of the silencer. Once it has lost its protective function, the silencer and swingarm suffer immensely when riding in the rain and off-road. In the past, it was always necessary to buy a new complete inner mudguard - we have the article 28123.

With our repair kit, however, the original inner fender can also be refurbished at low cost.

The solution in the KEDO Webshop:

The rubber splash guard, including the small parts for riveting or screwing, is available in our webshop at KEDO.com and on XT500parts.com available.

Assembly is quite simple and very satisfying:

Remove the inner fender.

Drill out the old rivets and remove the remains of the old rubber.

While you're at it: clean the mudguard with a brush in hot soapy water and you're ready to start fitting.

Our replacement rubber can either be screwed or riveted like the original. We supply all small parts in stainless steel, the rivets in aluminum.
Blind riveting pliers are then required here.

Purpose of the inner fender

The rear wheel is constantly dredging up water and dirt

Effective protection against turbulence from the rear wheel is much more important than you might think. The exhaust system in particular offers an extremely large area of attack, especially at the transition to the manifold, and is particularly susceptible to rust due to temperature differences. Many electrical components are also located in the frame triangle.

The Gasket between the inner fender and the lower seat shell fulfills an important purpose: it prevents dust and sand from getting directly in front of the seat. Intake snorkel of the air filter box. A defective or missing sealing strip can lead to a clogged air filter or engine damage within a very short time.

Here, too, we have provided a replacement: simply  Item no. 28838 and everything is perfect again and ready for the rustic route.

Special and only at KEDO

The replacement rubber naturally fits the original attachment points. As an option, the splash guard can now also be attached at 5 points. The original only has 4 fixing points, but a fifth point makes sense if the inner fender is frayed. Simply drill the fifth hole in the inner fender using a 4 mm wood drill.

We offer you a real HeavyDuty version here: We manufacture it from particularly heat-resistant material that can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C and is 0.5 mm thicker than the original. This splash guard won't last forever either - but we have tried to get the maximum durability out of it.

Our inner fender repair kit in the store: 28711

The seal between the inner fender and the seat bench: 28838

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