Portrait: Martin Hass - Photographer

Two wheels and a camera.

Martin Hass, photographer ( Hamburg )

Two running meters of Aschaffenburg in Hamburg

Hi Martin! Can you give us a brief introduction to yourself? Age, size and origin. 

Hi, my name is Martin. I was born in 1987, grew up near Aschaffenburg and have been living in Hamburg since 2017. At 2 meters tall, I'm not the shortest and therefore like to ride tall bikes... That probably explains my great passion for (old) enduro bikes 😉

Hobby becomes passion becomes profession

How did you get into photography? Do you take both digital and analog photographs?

I'm probably what you would call a self-taught photographer. I've always been in the creative field, but I only really got into photography after I moved to Hamburg. Over the last few years, what was once a hobby has become more and more of a passion and finally a profession. 

I am also fascinated by analog photography. Unfortunately, due to the ever-increasing proportion of commercial photography (and therefore mostly digital), analog photography has pretty much taken a back seat for me. The recent huge increase in the price of film has also played its part in making me think twice about going out with a film camera. Nevertheless, for me, shooting on film is a very special kind of photography that gives me a lot of pleasure.

Until two years ago, you worked full-time as a product designer and not only gained a lot of expertise with your atmospheric and well-designed reportage images, for example, but also a few fans. What parallels do you see between these two creative disciplines? To what extent can you incorporate skills and experience from product design into your photographic work? 

That's a very good question.

What I can say is that working as a product and industrial designer trains the visual eye a lot and this skill helps me in photography with every photo. In addition to designing, both activities are also very much about capturing, selecting and choosing. Which is the best design? Which is the best photo? What fits best and how together? How do you create an exciting story, etc.? Conversely, it was photography that trained and advanced me a lot in my work as a designer.



You travel a lot by motorcycle. To events all over Europe, but you also travel independently. What is your next destination?

The next 'private' tour will be in a few weeks with my brother-in-law. We want to spend a few days exploring the Eifel. Everything will be very relaxed.

The next destinations outside Germany have already been decided. This year, I will be traveling to Poland, France, Spain and Croatia, among other places. But my personal highlight this year will definitely be Tunisia. I'll be going on this trip with lots of very good friends and it promises to be a great dose of adventure. I will also finally be able to realize my motorcycle desert photos that have been buzzing around in my head for so long 🙂

When you think about your previous trips. What was the most challenging situation for you that made you grow in your motorcycling skills?

Definitely riding in the muddy terrain at the hazel rodeo last year 😀

I'm addicted to your Instagram channel because you seem to be at every motorcycle event. How do you choose where to ride?


Besides old motorcycles, the most important things for me are the people and the atmosphere at the event. As soon as there is an open, relaxed and positive atmosphere, I'm at the start. 

My photography is not just about the motorcycles, but above all about the people and capturing emotions.

Finally, a different kind of journey: you learned to be a sign and illuminated advertising manufacturer. That takes me straight back to the 1950s in the USA. What would a KEDO advertisement made of neon tubes look like?


The real question is: Why don't they exist yet? 

We should discuss it over the next coffee 😉

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