Wheels and Waves Italy 2023

After California and Japan, Wheels and Waves settles in Lido di Camaiore (Tuscany), the birthplace of surfing in Italy.


Between the sea and the mountains of Carrara, in a breathtaking landscape, the seaside town from the 1930s will host the second edition of Wheels & Waves be Italy.

Three days full of rides, encounters and fun, including the fourth edition of the Race Of The Lords (TROTL), but also the El Rollo dirt track, WAW Vintage Rally Enduro, surf and skateboard competitions, the Wheels & Waves Village and, of course, the Artride exhibition.

A crowning finale to the festival season!

Martin Hass

For us, the photographer is Martin Hass went there on his Ténéré XTZ 750 on the road and brought back some pictures with wanderlust guaranteed...

Life is good when the sea is in sight...

The Italian version of Wheels & Waves is of course (currently) much smaller than the original in Biarritz, but perhaps that's why it's interesting for many of you. 

It's a little more improvised, imperfect and still in the discovery phase...but that's also why it exudes this special charm.

Moritz Bree

This is what a trip on the road to Wheels & Waves in Italy feels like:

The Wheels & Waves in Italy started on my doorstep in Altona.
Off we go on the car train to Innsbruck to shake off the boring first part of the journey in the sleeping car. Add to that good company and an instant wanderlust spreads through the compartment. Moritz and Enrico were in Hamburg anyway and now also wanted to go to the W&W .
Fortunately, the train wasn't too full, so we were able to sleep lying down and wake up in Innsbruck. Wow. Hammer service.
From Innsbruck via the Brenner Pass and Alpine passes to Lake Garda.
Overnight stay on beautiful Lake Garda.
The next day we continue towards the Mediterranean.
After the Alps of the first day, now the expanses of the northern Italian lowlands.
Past Cremona.
After a few hours, I reach the Apuan Alps, which make every motorcyclist's heart beat faster! One bend after another. It doesn't stop. I spend what feels like two hours just leaning over.
In terms of riding, this was the best part of the tour so far and the scenery was a dream.
Even the weather couldn't be better - not too cold, not too hot and the sun is shining. Perfect for a tour like this.
Who would have thought that October could surprise you so much?
Passing La Spezia, I reach the Mediterranean and my destination:

An endless beach and the mountains in the background. What more could you want?
Now it's time to relax for two days before the WAW hustle and bustle begins.

The next day, I meet the Wheels & Waves Biarritz team by chance on a tour of the nearby mountains. I'm very happy to see them again and after a little chat, we ride together into the W&W Village at sunset, where the final preparations for the festival are already underway.

The next day, THURSDAY
It all starts with an evening party in the Village. You don't know what to do first. Admire the bikes on display, check out the exhibitors and stores or get yourself a beer. The whole thing doesn't get any easier, as you constantly bump into familiar faces, meet new people and can't stop chatting to others.
The highlight of the evening is a visit to the Wall of Death, which is part of the Village.

The next day, the Vintage Rally starts on the nearby beach. Everyone has more or less recovered from the previous evening and is now flying over the sand or standing next to it in amazement.
Old enduro bikes by the sea. A sight we've loved since Steve McQueen.
After a sunny day, the award ceremony takes place in the Village in the evening.
Time to toast with a beer again.

Day two continues with dirt track racing at El Rollo.
Fine sand blows over the track and everyone enjoys the sometimes spectacular races. There are accidents here and there, although most of them are minor.
Armed with my camera in a guaranteed sand-proof plastic bag, I try to capture the riders without disappearing completely in the sand dust. At the end of the day, people, machines and, unfortunately, the odd camera are covered in dust. But let's be honest... without that, it would only be half as much fun.
You can tell it's Saturday. Both on the route and in the village are the busiest days.
As it's the last evening in the Village, everyone is stepping on the gas again.
Surprised, but full of joy, I meet a few more people from Hamburg that evening.

On the last day, the T.R.O.T.L. (The Race Of The Lords) sprint race went off again. The pre-1950 motorcycles in particular are the focus here. One by one, everyone competes against each other and digs their tires into the sandy track.

As good as the weather conditions are for the motorcyclists, they are unfortunately just as bad for the surfers and the surf contest. Because the eponymous waves of Wheels & Waves don't really want to come up this time. Fingers crossed for next year.
The last day is slowly coming to an end. Everyone agrees that it's great to be able to experience something like this again so late in the year. The perfect end to summer and the season!

After this wonderful festival weekend, I enjoy two more days in Lido di Camoire and take a tour of the Apuan Alps with friends (highly recommended!) and a trip to La Spezia.
The weather and the temperatures are still fantastic and I hope that the summer doesn't end.

Time for the return journey. I leave Tuscany a little sad, but I'm already looking forward to the wonderful route back to Innsbruck.
After two days I reach my destination: I ride my XTZ 750 Super Ténéré onto the car train that takes us back to Hamburg.
I couldn't have imagined a better companion for this trip and am grateful for her reliability and the fun I had with her.
What a wonderful tour and a great time in Italy. The next visit to Wheels&Waves is safe and with all the great impressions and experiences in my luggage, I don't even mind the cold and wet weather we are greeted with in Hamburg.
The perfect weather to plan your next tour in the comfort of your own home 🙂

Many thanks for the many fantastic photos to Martin Hass!!

We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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