XT500 intake section

Fresh air for your XT500

Anyone who maintains or restores an XT500 knows how important the condition of all installed elements is for a successful set-up.

We are proud to be able to offer all components of the XT500 intake system down to the last detail. The mounting kit for the replica air filter box alone has almost 50 individual parts. For a long time, the intake snorkel set was only available very rarely and second-hand. Now available from KEDO as a perfect replica in the store.

Here is a list of the most important components and sets:

















Air Filter


Intake restoration (OEM style)

  1. Air filter box, item no: 28621
  2. Air filter box mounting set, item no: 28932
  3. Air filter box cover, item no: 27913
  4. Air filter box cover screw set, item no: 42008 / 42008RP 
  5. Intake snorkel set, item no: 28801
  6. Front silencer, item no: 27966
  7. Reinforcement/connection air filter box, item no: 22361
  8. Connecting rubber between pre-silencer and carburettor, item no: 27816
  9. Clamp connecting rubber, air filter box connection, item no: 22304RP ( 22310)
  10. Clamp connecting rubber, carburetor connection, item no: 22309RP (22309)
  11. Clamp suction nozzle, item no: 22309
  12. Carburetor support, item no: 92033
  13. Intake manifold:
    - open, approx. 32/34 hp, incl. gasket 94010, item no: 90001
    - with 27hp throttle plate (one-piece), item no: 92005RP
  14. Intake flange gasket, item no: 94010
  15. Mounting plates air filter, item no: 22347
  16. Foam gasket for air filter plate, item no: 22591
    Sealing rubber for OEM air filter plate, item no: 22329
  17. Air filters and accessories
  18. Carburetor and accessories

Secondary air and its consequences

How does secondary air become noticeable

The most common side effect of secondary air is that the engine speed slowly decreases when the throttle is released.
Exhaust bangs may also occur during sliding operation.
The throttle response is then also usually affected and the engine becomes very hot.

Common causes of secondary air

Leaks or cracked rubber elements often prevent the carburetor from being adjusted properly. A warped or melted air filter box, leaking filter plates - the list of causes is long.
In the carburetor itself, all channels must be clear and all seals intact. Often, after endless attempts at tuning, the only thing that helps is a general overhaul including the replacement of all wearing parts.

Here is a short list of the most common causes:

  1. The connection piece of the pre-silencer of the air filter box becomes cracked over time, allowing secondary air to enter.
  2. The "connecting wall" of the pre-silencer of the air filter box bulges over the years, resulting in a leak between the pre-silencer and the air filter box.
  3. If the neoprene seal on the "connecting wall" of the pre-silencer air filter box has partially disintegrated or disappeared completely, this area is no longer sealed.
  4. If the connecting rubber between the carburettor and the air filter box pre-silencer is fitted the wrong way round, it will not seal properly.
  5. If the intake manifold is installed upside down, the carburetor will not sit correctly in the groove of the manifold, allowing secondary air to enter.

The worst consequences of secondary air are overheating and the risk of piston seizure!

Air filters and accessories

At this point, we would like to present only the most common air filters and the required cleaners and oils.

The entire range of air filters, installation material, spare parts and accessories can be found as a collection of articles in our webshop.

Air filter (OEM)

  • Yamaha OEM air filter
  • Air filter cage item no: 10204 is required.

KEDO replica air filter

OEM-Vergleichs-Nr. 583-14451-00

  • Replacement filter with high fitting accuracy, therefore easy to fit.
  • Very good processing quality with high air flow rate.
  • Air filter cage item no: 10204 is required.

TwinAir air filter

Motorsport - Foam air filter

  • 2 layers of open-cell foam and fine inner foam trap even the smallest particles
  • Increased airflow due to minimized seams
  • Washable and reusable (40 to 50 times is common)
  • High quality, assembled by hand and tested for a perfect fit
  • Air filter cage item no: 10204 is required.

KEDO replica air filter cage

OEM-Vergleichs-Nr. 583-14458-00

  • Used to reinforce the foam air filter
  • Suitable for the original air filter, the KEDO replica air filter and the TwinAir motorsport air filter

Off-road air filter

  • The combination of individual coarse and fine foam filters makes these air filters ideal for off-road use
  • The filter elements are washable and reusable
  • Delivered dry

KEDO sports replacement air filter

  • More spontaneous throttle response thanks to up to 40 percent higher air flow rate
  • Unique, impregnated cotton fabric with special grid structure, resulting in a larger surface area for optimum, calmed intake air and improved filter performance with reduced flow resistance.
  • Can be washed out many times, making it economical and ecologically sensible - under normal road conditions, the filter must be washed out for the first time after 80,000 km (corresponds to a 2 to 3 mm thick layer of dirt!)
  • Street legal, fitted in place of the original filter with the original plates
  • Delivery is dry, please lubricate with K&N air filter oil before installation

Mounting plate set air filter

Set consists of the front and rear retaining plate

TwinAir air filter sealant

For sealing to the housing, water and abrasion resistant, biodegradable

K&N racing air filter RU-1710

Application: Mikuni TM36, TM40 flat slide carburetor

  • Length 127mm, diameter 89mm, connection 55-59mm 
  • For uncompromising conversion - even larger, maximum surface area compared to conical racing air filters
  • With the typical K&N special fabric and a 10-year K&N warranty or one million miles (1,600,000 km), whichever comes first
  • Oiled ready for installation including clamp for the carburetor flange; cylindrical shape, 20° angled, not street legal

TwinAir air filter cleaner

Spray bottle 750ml, suitable for foam air filters, also for vehicle cleaning

TwinAir air filter oil

Spray can 500ml, suitable for foam air filters

Air filter oil 750ml spray

For wetting foam/metal mesh filters, very sticky, for on-road and off-road use

Air filter oil 1000ml can

For wetting foam/metal mesh filters, very sticky, for on-road and off-road use

K&N air filter cleaning set

355ml cleaner & 204ml oil (99-5003EU)

K&N Cleaner SINGLE

355ml pump bottle (99-0608EU)

K&N air filter oil SINGLE

204ml spray can (99-0506EU)

K&N air filter oil SINGLE

237ml dosing bottle (99-0533)

Carburetor and accessories

Here we concentrate on the Mikuni VM32SS OEM carburetor and the TM36 flat slide carburetor.
Of course, you can also find conversions with a TM40 or VM36 carburetor, but these are quite rare.
You can also find spare parts and solutions for rare cases in our webshop.

XT500 original carburetor - Mikuni VM32SS

The VM32 was installed in most XT500s. The only exceptions are the 76 XT and some US models.
We have compiled all accessories and spare parts for the Mikuni VM32SS in our store.

Due to the variety of spare parts, we will limit ourselves here to the carburetor rebuild basics.

KEDO carburettor rebuild service

Thorough cleaning and inspection of all components. 

A KEDO rebuild carburetor is almost as good as new, and we offer a one-year warranty on our work.

KEDO carburettor rebuild kit

incl. choke piston, spring & ball, sealing ring actuating shaft
jet sizes: #230/#25

XT500'77- / from year of construction 1981 additionally required: O-ring float chamber drain plug item no: 29149

Keyster carburetor rebuild kit

main jet #230/pilot jet #25 and
main jet #220/pilot jet #30,
incl. choke piston

Carburetor screw set replica

Application: TT500, XT500 (Mikuni VM32SS)

Cross-head screws, galvanized, Japanese head diameter with PH drive (Phillips)

XT500 tuning carburetor - Mikuni TM36

Experience the true power of your 500 without changing the engine. With this high-quality carburetor, you can achieve an impressive power increase of over 3 hp and better response across the entire rev range, depending on intake and exhaust configuration. This carburetor is more than just a component; it's an upgrade that will transform your riding experience.

We have compiled all accessories and spare parts for the Mikuni TM36 in our store.

Due to the variety of spare parts, we will limit ourselves here to the carburetor basics.

TM36 flat slide carburettor

  • Easy way to more power without changes to the engine; power increase depends on intake and exhaust, an increase of 3 hp and more over the entire speed range is possible
  • Equipment: carburetor with accelerator pump, throttle slide with forced actuation (opening and closing), cold start device (choke) and vacuum connection (if necessary for actuating a fuel tap diaphragm)
  • Fits SR500 and XT500 without modifications to the air filter box
  • Not street legal

KEDO TM36 fine-tuning kit

  • Kit specially developed by us for the MIKUNI TM FS carburetor, which considerably simplifies fine-tuning and assembly. Designed for use together with the original air filter box!
  • Ideal in conjunction with K&N replacement air filters
  • If the air filter box is omitted and racing air filters are used, additional jet sizes may be required
  • Not street legal

Universal jet set for Mikuni TM36 flat slide carburetor

  • 10-piece tuning set for Mikuni TM36 flat slide carburetor
  • 4x idle jet in sizes #12.5 - 22.5
  • 5x main jet in sizes #127.5 - 140
  • 1x choke jet #25

KEDO TM36 carburetor rebuild kit

Contains all gaskets, jet needle, needle jet, mixture control screw, float needle valve, bellows, but without jets

We were at the Scrambler Fever in Poland last weekend and it was really good again! 2 days of rattling through the woods with about 70 other enduro enthusiasts. Due to the extreme drought, many forest roads were a sandy hell. Everyone cursed about it, many crashed but everyone had a big grin on their face afterwards. More about this event soon....

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