On Any Koppel-Sunday

A dream day in the paddock

When the paddock calls, a great day is pre-programmed

So, bag up the clothes, load up the cart, get a snack and set off full of anticipation. A paddock Sunday is always a great experience.

With a film team, a drone pilot and a photographer at the start, we can also present you with a great film and cool photos. 

Many thanks to Tingel from Kool Motion Pictures for the shots and the great movie.
Thanks also to Fabian Petersen for the air support and once again to Martin Hass for the many great pictures.

Of course, we are always extremely grateful when the Flint Brothers and their "Koppelgang" invite us to their sacred paddock.
There is so much attention to detail and passion in this route -

Steve with our film pro Tingel
Lutz and Fabian the drone magician


A narrow but fine trail that winds around and over a small hill.
Painstakingly handcrafted by the Flint Brothers and their friends!

A fantastic mix of motocross and enduro trail - the perfect training track.

Add to that a bunch of relaxed people and the day can only be great.

The legendary TT500 looks for your XT500

Every time we see a TT500 plowing through the terrain, our mouths water.
If you feel the same way, we have prepared conversion kits for your XT500 to recreate the legendary TT500 looks of the 78s in 'Competition Yellow' and the 79s in 'New El Toro Orange'. 
Check out how sharp your XT500 can look:

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